Become An Affiliate

Superzeros Affiliates

Here at Superzeros we're putting the joy back into breakfast and our affiliates are an important piece in getting that done! Want to know more and help us save the spooniverse? Keep on reading. 


How it works

Superzeros affiliates earn 20% commission on all sales that are referred to our site from a custom £5 discount code and link which you can use on your website or social media profiles.

Who our affiliates are

Got a social media platform focusing on health & fitness? Are you a keto/low-carb recipe creator? Do you have an audience of grown-up kids at heart? Well it sounds like you could be a Master of the Spooniverse!


Our perks

  • Competitive commission
  • Free cereal!
  • Early access to new flavors and launches
  • Exclusive incentives (including Superzeros stash!) 


Our affiliates are ambitious and enthusiastic, and most importantly love Superzeros! We ask for a minimum audience of 2,000 and we require that your referrals generate at least 10 orders per month. We trust our affiliates to know their audiences and promote however they like to meet the goal! 

How to join

Think you’d be a good fit? Apply here!