I’m Noel, founder of Superzeros. I’m a breakfast person with a sweet tooth. I also like to workout and stay healthy. It’s often difficult to make these two things get along! Add in two young kids and a busy working household and poor eating choices to start the day were usually the result.

I loved cereal growing up but the offering hasn’t changed much in decades; with most products still made with processed grains and too much sugar. There’s been lots of innovation and new ingredients out there in other categories, like bars, snacks and shakes, but not much of it seems to have found its way into our breakfast bowls. I’d spent a career working in food and innovative brands so I decided to apply myself to finding a better option. I was passionate about creating something nutritious and fun that I’d enjoy eating every day.

It’s been quite an adventure to develop and launch Superzeros. The cereal aisle is ready for fresh new voices and I’m proud to be able to offer what I’ve been searching for all these years - a high protein, zero sugar choice that tastes great and leaves you full for a busy day ahead. I’d love you to join us on the journey and you can send me feedback, thoughts and ideas anytime at hello@super-zeros.com



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