Why Does It Cost More Than
Regular Cereal?

Cereal has been trapped as a mass produced commodity for decades and that’s reflected in the base ingredients - mass processed grains and too much sugar. To create something new we’ve used premium high quality ingredients that are more typically found in health food or sports nutrition shops. Here's a little table we put together to show just how much we've moved the bar - with great cereal must come great ingredients.

What Price per 100g What
Price per 100g
Whey Protein Isolate
Porridge Oats £0.15
Casein Protein
Plain Flour £0.08
Tapioca Flour
Granulated White Sugar £0.08
Coconut Oil
Rice Flour £0.18
Chicory Root Inulin £5.20

*Prices taken from Holland & Barret 29/03/22

We’re working with core ingredients that are typically more than 10 times the price of typical cereal ingredients. This does mean it costs more than regular cereal but that’s how we put the superpowers in. The main areas that add cost are both adding sources of protein and reducing the sugar content with healthy alternatives. Big manufacturers also have huge scale in their operations and this helps them keep the price down.

Superzeros still compares well on price versus other protein snacks or cereal and we've done a little shopping around to make a comparison. Options like protein bars share many similar ingredients with us and that's why they hit protein goals and keep sugar low but cost more as a result.

There are some other options like the protein infused cereals from traditional manufacturers or protein yogurts that might cost less and hit your protein goals (if you eat enough of them) but you'll pay the price in sugar consumption. We'd always encourage you to look at both and decide your own path.

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What Number Image Price Protein Sugar
Fulfil Peanut Butter Vitamin Protein Bar 55G
1 Bar
£2.50 20g 1.8g
Ufit High Protein Milkshake Drink Chocolate 330Ml
1 Shake
£2.00 25g 10.9g
Arla Protein Passion Fruit & Papaya 200G
1 Pot
£1.00 20g 12.6g
Fuel 70% Cocoa Chunks Granola 400G
135g serving
£0.89 21g 29g
Weetabix Protein Crunch Chocolate Cereal 450g 105g serving £0.58 21g 23.1g
Superzeros Cocoa Flavour 65g serving £1.65 20g 0.8g

Prices taken from tesco.com and ocado.com 29/03/22

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